3...2...1... Blast off!

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Well, welcome to my beginning.

I am a recently-graduated, job-searching, substituting, teaching-hopeful. I am also a stalker.

I have been stalking teaching blogs since I made the decision to get my degree in education, almost 4 years ago. I love poking around and seeing everyone's ideas: classroom management, design and setup, themes, libraries, centers, lessons, etc. I love it. I can spend (and have spent...) hours upon hours hopping from blog to blog to blog, making mental notes, making bookmarks, and even printing out ideas and keeping them in folders.

And, then, Pinterest came into my life. And, Talk about hours and hours and hours...

I get so lost on there sometimes that my husband has to snap be back to reality. It's just amazing some of the ideas that you teachers can come up with. And, it's even more amazing how generous you all are. Between just sharing ideas for the taking (we love to beg, borrow and steal, no?) and even the great idea and prices from stores like and ... it's just amazing and sometimes overwhelming all the GREAT stuff out there.

And the BLOGS!!! Don't even get me started on the BLOGS! I love the BLOGS! They're amazing. Some are just Teacher-to-Teacher, while others act as classroom websites and are even for parent communication. I'm not entirely new to the blogging world, and I always thought that I would want to have a website and/or blog for my own classroom. That way my parents can keep up with the happenings in the room and I can share my ideas with other teachers as they have shared with me over the years.

But, anyway, there it is. My "blast off." My new beginning. As it stands right now, this will be a place for me to share things I've found, share thoughts and ideas, and get myself back into the rhythm of blogging while I am trying to secure myself into my own teaching world.

So, thanks for visiting, and thanks for listening. =)