It's Move-In Day!!

I am so, so, so excited! I know I've not been a very active summer blogger, but I can thank my absolutely horrid summer job for that one. That was a horrible experience, that I hope I don't have to repeat again.

But that is over now, and tomorrow is a big day:

It's MOVE-IN day!!!

At least, it is for me. To be honest, I don't even know if anyone else is going to be there. But, I got with our Head Custodian last month, and tomorrow is the day she gave me. My husband will be so excited to finally get our dining room/office back, and have all my junk teaching treasures out of the house forever in my very own classroom, finally.

So far, I've been a CraigsList maniac, trying to get things from other teachers, and things that would work that others just don't want anymore. I got some great bookcases, a 30-cubbie shelf (that will hold plastic shoe-box supply boxes perfectly) and a ton of books! I even got a Director's chair that I will decorate for an "Author's Chair", and a padded folding chair that I am going to reupholster (thanks to an amazing idea by another classmate and fellow first grade teacher) to be an awesome "Birthday Chair".

I wanted to paint my bookshelves too...but it just didn't happen. I know I can't spray paint at school, but perhaps some good, old-fashioned brush painting before the year begins can happen. If not, they aren't too ugly, so it can always happen next year. But, the chairs I know I still have time to do.

The only other major thing to do is going to be to print off all my posters, hang-ables, etc. I designed my own themed stuff because I had something very specific in mind. I was able to find a little bit that matched, but not as much as I wanted. So, I just did it all (in PowerPoint) myself.

I'll have more info on it all later, as I finish up on things. I have a couple of graduation gift cards left that I plan on using as I'm ordering some border and such online. The last few things that I simply can't make. I can't wait to start posting pictures, though! I can't wait to participate in everyone's beginning of the year stuff!!! Can you tell I'm excited by all the exclamation points?!!?!!?!!


Well, I suppose break time is over--I am in the process of getting all my small items packed up, organized and set up and ready to go. But, I'll leave anyone who's here with my "before" pictures of my classroom. I took these last month when I went to meet up with my Asst. Principal...before they cleaned the carpets and waxed the floors. I can't wait to see what the "after" looks like!!

 As you walk in the door, this is directly in front. Nice fire-escape, right? 
The funny thing? I have not seen a ladder on the other side. So...then what? =)
 My one...and only...white board. *le sigh* 
I don't know how I want to handle that...
 Some built-in shelving, and two shelves that either come with the room, or the
previous teacher left me. I'm not sure which. 
Oh, and the right side of my GIANT "bulletin board" wall. 
 Perhaps the GIANT "bulletin board" wall will make up some for the ONE white board?
And my drop-screen for my projector. It's...soo...high...
 This? This is all my stuff pushed into the furthest corner for cleaning.
See that lamp there? On the left? That is the ONLY thing in the room right
now that is actually mine. hehe Another teacher gave it to me at the end of 
the year (while I was long-term subbing, but had accepted the job from the Principal).
 Like my pretty purple counter tops? Yeah, me neither.
I'm thinking...Contact Paper? Anyone have any thoughts or experience with that?
Just one last shot of the room as you are standing in the doorway. 
I thought about asking about painting that wall...but I'm not sure what 
color I would do. My "theme" is a black background with MULTI-colors...

But, anyway...there it is...

How many weeks do you have left before school starts? I have exactly six weeks, tomorrow! Four and a half until In-Service! Yipes!