Spring Break & Second Grade

This week has been the first Spring Break that I haven't had to work, since I was in high school. It's been great! The Mr. and I went ahead and pulled the Boy out of Pre-k for the week so that he could spend it with us, too. The Mr. had to work, but since some of that required him to go downtown, the Boy and I got to tag along and partake in some of the SXSW festivities. The boy even had his first t-ball practice today. It's been so much fun! I finally remember what Spring Break is supposed to be like. =)

Next week, it's going to be back to business as usual...sort of. Graduating in December has made it really hard to procure a job--no one is really hiring mid-year. And, as we approach the big Testing Season, the sub jobs have been tapering off as well. Work has been harder and harder to find...unless, of course, you can find a long-term gig.

Lucky for me, that's just what I found. A few other girls have stumbled into maternity-leave classrooms as well, and are subbing out the remainder of the year. I didn't get THAT lucky, but a job is a job, and I get to help out a friend. =)

A girl who graduated a semester before me had surgery this week, and will be out for three weeks in recovery. So I'll be taking over her Second Grade class during that time. I haven't spent much time in Second Grade, I've been focusing on the uppers, because I've been pretty sure that's where I want to be. But it will certainly be a good experience.

I'm both excited and nervous. I haven't "taught" since Student Teaching, and even then, the plans were done, all I did was execute them. So, I haven't officially written my own plans and put them into action yet. Here, I'll have that opportunity! The first week's plans are written already, because I did not attend the planning session last week. She's a little nervous, as a first year teacher, to be out for so long, so she took care of it so that I'd have an idea of what to do. I will go to the next two meetings and take it from there.

It's going to be hard to not go overboard in trying to take ownership of my time there. I want my own room and my own space SO badly! I can't wait until hiring season starts!!

That's all for now. I hope to post some along the way of the next three weeks. And I hope to get this blog set up a little better...a little better organized and prettied up some!

Until next time,

Sarah =)

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