All kinds of "official"


It's been a good week. I'm feeling all kinds of "official" this week. =)

I finally got the "official" call from my district's HR department, and set up my new-hire orientation. I have "officially" been offered, and accepted, the position to be an "official" first grade teacher. Yay!

Also, I successfully complete my first "official" summer teaching professional development workshop. I am working on a blog for was about setting up Reading and Writing Workshop. It was, however, geared more toward teachers who have set it up in their rooms before, but are looking for ways to make it more efficient, effective, etc. Also, we have adopted some new elements and kicked out some old procedures beginning next year, so we they had to learn how to change things. It was different for me, because I am just starting out. Good info, though.

And, this week I feel as though I have become an "official" blogger! I have my first (non-family) followers! Yay! Thank you guys so much for coming over and checking me out! I am honored to be a part of the teaching blogosphere that I have stalked followed so closely for the past year or so.


Now, the fun begins. I am on the prowl for some good teacher sales...retiring teachers, teachers switching grade levels, or teachers who are just purging junk treasures from their rooms that they no longer need. I have added a Craig's List addiction to my Pinterest addiction and my blog stalking following addiction.

Oh! and Teachers Pay Teachers, too!!! I have a wish list that, were I to cash it in all at once, would probably be about a month's salary (that I don't have yet!)!! You guys have some of the most amazing abilities when it comes to creating posters, worksheets, units, lessons, teacher aids....etc. I hope to, soon, be able to add my own store to the game and provide others with my own creations.

It's just amazing to finally be part of this teaching family..."officially". =)

Hopefully I'll get into my classroom soon and can start taking "before" pictures and getting some of my pinspirations and inspirations flowing!

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(Okay, to I make the black box around it disappear? It's not there in editing??)
(Thank you so much to Sophia at How Cute is This! for finding the post at The Cutest Blog on the Block to help me get rid of that pesky little box!)


  1. This is so exciting!! I remember getting that "call" . . . I was so worked up for days and then presto-chango, I had a job. Your blog is super cute and the fact that you even have one shows what a dedicated and passionate teacher you are. Those kids will be lucky to have you :) Thanks oh-so much for poppin' in yesterday.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited to really get going. I have *got* to figure out how you guys make such adorable units and lessons, too! PowerPoint? Word? Do you draw your graphics or buy them? Do I need PhotoShop? Eeek! So many many least I have some time. I was *terrified* of getting a job in early August and having no more than a few days to get stuff done...

      But, now I'm rambling more into a post than a simple "thank you" reply-comment.
      But, THANKS! =) hehe

  2. I love your little signature graphic! I'd love to make one for myself but I have no idea how to do it or how to make the black box disappear. I'm wanting to have a TpT store, but I have no idea of what to make...


    1. Thanks. =) I made mine in PowerPoint just using a free font I got from another teacher friend, and then a free Microsoft clip art image. I just saved it as a picture instead of a whole document (right click and it should ask you to "save as picture") and then put it in. Thanks for the info on how to get rid of the little black box, though (from the post below)!

      I want to start a TpT store, too, as I start creating lessons....but I don't even know where to start with that, either! What do they use to make them so darn cute?! =)

  3. I think I found what something to help with that little black box...
    Scroll down and she tells you how to get rid of it. Hope it helps!